Netflix, TV makers to launch recommended TVs in India

Netflix, TV makers to launch recommended TVs in India

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Netflix, TV makers to launch recommended TVs in India

Netflix has announced that its “recommended TVs” programme is going global and that LG and Sony will soon launch such TVs in India. According to Netflix, the TVs that carry the “recommended” work best with its video streaming service.

The company, which is a powerhouse when it comes to original streaming content, recent went on major global expansion. On January 6th the service literally flipped a switch and activated the service in more than 130 countries, which means that it is available in 191 countries.

The Netflix Recommended programme was launched back in 2015 for the US and now the company has announced its 2016 line-up of recommended TVs. These include WebOS TVs made by LG and Sony’s line of Android TVs. It is important to note that these TVs are separate from TVs that are already in the market which have a dedicated Netflix button.

LG UH6300 series, UH6500 series, UH7500 series, UH8500 series, UH9500 series, G6 series TVs get the certification. Sony’s X85D series, X93D series and X94D series get the certification. These models are also coming to India confirmed Netflix, however, their model names are likely to different because of regional reasons.

“A really good example for India is that we went live in many countries globally at the beginning of this year, but we actually were working with several device partners for years before to integrate Netflix on-to their TVs behind the scenes,” said Brady Gunderson, director of product management at Netflix. “This meant that in early January when Netflix became available in India and other countries, people who had older smart TVs would just wake up one day and Netflix would just be there.”

As of now, Netflix hasn’t worked with any Indian TV manufacturers, though Netflix is open to working with local manufacturers for TVs, mobile or even cable operators. It also clarified that the Netflix button on TVs from Indian manufacturers stems from their global partnerships with Chinese ODMs.

“Vu TVs have been certified through their ODM HiSense. Those are Netflix certified TVs,” said David Holland, director of business development at Netflix.

These TVs get the certification on the basis of certain user facing benefits. For instance, Netflix touts an instant-on functionality which will let the user hop in to the app instantly when the TV was in use. Technically speaking, the TV is in an ultra-low power state.

“In some cases we do have reference platforms that certain manufacturers will use, but in all cases we do have security specifications and hardware specifications that allow us to securely deliver content,” explained Holland. ” Stuff like DRM support, frame rate support, performance thresholds and also what the manufacturer wants to do,” he added.

This function helps most of the smart apps that would be part of the TV even video services that compete with Netflix. For Netflix, this is important as this allows users to resume content from where they left it.

Other features of these TVs include the latest version of the Netflix app, and fast app load times. These TVs also have a Netflix quick launch button on the remote but that’s there in other TVs as well and also easier access to the Netflix icon inside the TV interface.

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