Using Winstrol – the Medical Applications

Bodybuilders have had the notion that while using this drug there is an increased joint pains and also referring it to dry. But the truth is that the drug has very little to do with pain, and it occurs when the body is trying to lose fat and gain muscle.

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This drug is usually used in the cutting or the leaning phase of the bodybuilding process, athletes too feel that keeping a lean and fat free body will give them due advantage of keeping the muscle growth and getting rid of the adipose fat in the body.

Since it is a banned drug, there have been various ways to detect the use or abuse of the drug. It can be found by doing a simple urine test or a period of ten days for even a small trace of 5-10mg. These tests can be done bygas or liquid chromatography with mass spectrometry to detect the use of this steroid. Check out the liquid winstrol review.

Medical applications

When this drug was first introduced into the market by Winthrop and its partner Bayer, it was tested on the medical conditions that it was able to cure. It was said too ideal for osteoporosis casesdue to menopause and old age. It was also said that congenital dwarfism could be cured. It was also thought that it could also be used in gastrointestinal orders and elderly having muscle wasting causing emancipation was tried upon with this drug. It came handy in before operative care and post operative care which are weakened before surgery or have undergone a heavy blood loss. The recuperation after using this drug saw amazing results. The use has shown that people having problem for calcium retention or using it aptly in the body with the help of this medication. The use in children who are highly malnourished have seen good improvement also cases of anorexia too have said to have been helped out by stanozolol. Chronic illnesses such as AIDS and cancer cause a wasting of body, these steroids have helped to bring about good changes in the form and diet improvement. This all was a part of the adjunctive therapy and it was not the drug used in the primary therapy usage.

After the invention of artificial human growth hormone hitting the market, the use of stanozolol in treating dwarfism was taken out from the usage list.

This drug was primarily used in race horses to enhance their racing strengths. But it had side effects on animals too such as weight gain, retention of water in the body, and worst of all not able to throw out the nitrogen based waste out of their bodies. It has been said to be toxic to the liver and cause major complications such as tumors in cats and dogs have been said to have got enlarged prostrate.

Since it was introduced in the beginning to solve various heart complications, but as years passed several new drugs came to the market and to resolve those issues and only in severe heart attack cases stanozolol is used.

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