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Vinpocetine is derived from one of the alkaloid which is named as Vinca minor. This is considered to be the alkaloid which posses many benefits of the plant and are used in increasing the memory capacity of the individual.

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Dosage of Vinpocetine

It is always proven that the Vinpocetine is more effective when this drug is used in a proper dosage level and for long term basis every day. The supplement is available in both the powder form and in pills form. It is considered to use the Vinpocetine with a dosage level of 5-60 mg a day. This is one of the safest doses to use but most of the people take the supplement with a dosage ranging from 15-30mg three times a day.

For people who are healthy and do not possess any problems like memory loss or any kind of cognitive impairment then they can take a dose from 30 to 45 mg which is the high dose and will be beneficial for the users. It has been proven that the medicine becomes ineffective if it is taken in overdose. Even though the safe dose is considered to be till 60 mg it is always better to seek the advice of the medical practitioner if we need to take the medicine more than 45 mg. Also we need to check if there is any changes occurred due to the medicine and the dose should be adjusted as per that. Proper dosage of the supplement has always proven to increase the energy level in the individual and had also boosted the concentration level. This has also prevented the damage of the brain even in situations of low oxygen level and protected the neuron cells from getting destroyed.

Vinpocetine is a biochemical found in Cavinton; along with other supplements like Alpha Brain and other nootropic supplements may prove for drastic changes in increasing the memory capacity along with the mental energy and concentration level of the body.

Side Effects of Vinpocetine

  • This includes mild side effects like nausea, anxiety, insomnia, headache and drowsiness. It should be noted that the people who suffer from problems like the bleeding and low blood pressure should avoid using the supplement. Also the people who had undergone any surgery should avoid taking this medicine so as to avoid further side effects.
  • The supplement should be avoided by the women who are pregnant and for those who are planning to be pregnant since there is lack of proofs for the use of medicines in such people.
  • If any problem like the blood clotting exists then it is better that we avoid this supplement since there is a risk of causing bleeding.
  • The immunity system of the body gets reduced by this supplement. That is the body becomes incapable in fighting with the infections .If the body suffers from weakened immunity system due to some problems like the cancer and HIV/AIDS it is better that we consult with the physician.

It should be taken care that this supplement can interact with some of the medications that help in slow down in the clotting of the blood.

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